About Us

Oxcel was created by Phil Evans in May 2019 and is based in Bicester.

The concept of freelancing predominantly in Microsoft Excel has been a personal ambition for sometime and timing is of course key to everything, having done research to find out more about local competitors and going rates it now seems like the perfect opportunity.

With over 15 years experience in business improvement’s in larger company’s spanning across several industries. Oxcel was formed with the intention to offer cheaper support and direct focus on improving small to medium size business’. Offering several forms of improvement within their day to day running. Everything from employee development, current process reviews, even offering virtual assistant roles.

Oxcel has a network of contacts, leaving no task as incomplete. working closely with its customer base it ensures 100% satisfaction. More importantly once the customer target’s are completed Oxcel will not stop there and will make sure continued support is on offer to keep you and your team motivated on improving.